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Student Testimonials

Natxo M.

When I started with ConversingInEnglish it had been more than 10 years since I studied English, so I had a very poor level. Now, some months after, I’ve improved my English level and my self-confidence in speaking.

Lessons are very amusing and you can talk about anything. Teachers have the lesson always ready ... they have a picture for anything you don’t know ;-) Every lesson you learn something new about vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar... by simply talking. The Lesson Summary email reminds you the topics and the mistakes you made, so you can review them by yourself later.

As you can see, I like ConversingInEnglish lessons. I notice I learn a bit more every lesson and that’s the most important thing.

by Natxo M.
Secondary School Teacher
Valencia, Spain

Guillermo Zafra

"I've been using ConversingInEnglish for almost a year now and I can only recommend it. All the benefits of learning and practising English with native speakers without having to leave home. And, what's more important, it feels like chatting to friends."

by Guillermo Zafra, Software Developer, Zaragoza

Matías González

I have received a highly professional and efficient service from ConversingInEnglish for Offline Language Support in the last few months.

I fully recommend it for any high-level English related work where you may need suggestions, supervision and support.

by Matias Gonzalez - Barcelona

Francisco José Sen

"ConversingInEnglish is the best way I've found to really improve my English. Flexible timetables, fun teachers... what else do you need? I think the best way to learn English is just to practise it. Talking and talking (just like children do). I also like the fact that you can take the classes right from home.

I've been taking classes for the last eight months and I can feel how much I've improved and my listening as well. Now I can understand many songs, TV series and films! Thank you very much Bruno, Claire and the rest of the teachers."

by Francisco José Sen, Software Developer, Madrid

Julio Martí

"I'd like to share my great experience with ConversingInEnglish, which lets you learn and speak English in your home. Especially comfortable when you work long hours and you do not have much free time.

In addition, the schedules are very flexible and the most important thing: Bruno´s extrovert personality that facilitates a fluent conversation so that you lose the shyness you usually feel when you speak in other languages."

by Julio Marti, Ph.D, Barcelona

Montse Angulo

"Despite having studied English for several years and having obtained the Advanced Certificate with good marks, it was difficult for me to have fluent conversations.

After a promotion at work, English became my daily communication language (basically at meetings and conferences). I decided to take classes to improve my fluency (in both, speaking and listening). In a few months I noticed a huge improvement: in meetings, I did not have to be concentrated in the language anymore, I could be focused on work matters and language became automatically second nature.

The main advantages of ConversingInEnglish for me are:

  • Time saving: I can do the classes from home and due to the variety of timeslots I can choose each week what suits me best.
  • The variety of teachers: It allows me get in touch with different accents, which is very useful in my job because I'm in touch with people all around Europe.
  • Flexibility in classe content: teachers's proposals are diverse and useful, but if I propose a topic they adapt to it immediately.
  • Excellent class dynamic: the methodology is effective as well as amazing."

by Montse Angulo, Bayer (Science & Technology project manager, EMEA) - Barcelona

Phil Reichhart

"After my employment abroad in the US and Ireland, I was searching for a flexible and efficient solution to keep my English top notch. Therefore choosing CiE was the right choice.


A huge advantage with CiE is, that you can make use of it at almost any time which suits you and wherever you are. With a smartphone it is possible to join it even on the go.


A further advantage is that you can choose between different high quality English teachers, who are scattered over the whole world. Next to learning about different cultures, you have the possibility to have exposure to different accents and get used to it.


Regarding topics, CiE is really relaxed, most time it’s just like a conversation with friends….you can choose the topic you like, just like small talk, news, finance, business, yellow press or any other stuff.


So CiE is a really good way, to keep your English at a top level or to improve it in a very flexible way. All the best."

by Phil Reichhart, Düsseldorf

Maria Amorim

“Last year I sat an exam which apart from testing my skills in my area of expertise, my spoken English was also being graded. Until then I thought my English problem would be more related to my accent, but I was wrong. When I received the results I was very disappointed with myself, but I knew I needed to find a way to fix it, if I wanted to take that exam again.


I started an English course in the University close to where I live, which helped me a little, but I needed something more personal. Then I started looking on the internet and I found exactly what I was looking for : ConversingInEnglish


I have to say that after a year taking classes I have regained my confidence, and have received excellent feedback as well.


The classes are motivating and fun and the teachers show dedication and knowledge. It's everything I needed and still need to reach proficiency in my spoken English.


I'm very happy I found you, you model my English. Thank you!”

by Maria Amorim, Hematologist, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

Ulrike Rossman

"English Conversation through Skype is really amazing. You can stay at home and have lessons easily. The teachers are intelligent, motivating, always in a good mood and they know after an hour or two, exactly what you need.

It has simply been a great experience. I’ve been taking lessons since 2009 and I still enjoy and like them!!!”

by Ulrike Rossmann, Personal Assistant, Stokerau-Austria

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