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Come and meet our dynamic crew of worldwide teachers in our network:

Bruno, Sydney

"Good day I'm Bruno! I'm a well travelled English Teacher from Sydney.

I've been teaching for 11+ years extensively in: Barcelona, London, Sydney, South America and online pretty much all over the world!.  I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences.

I'm very passionate about teaching and love my job.  It's amazing to be able to talk to people around the world, making a difference in their lives through language teaching.

I look forward to chatting to you sometime and help you practise and improve your English! Cheers!"

Michael, Manchester

"Hello I'm Michael! I'm from a village between Liverpool and Manchester in the north of England. I am an English Teacher currently based in sunny Spain - I have taught all ages and levels from infants to the advanced.

I studied for my masters degree at the University of Manchester and since then I have taught English in the UK, Austria and Spain. I love my job especially meeting new students around the world!

I look forward to chatting with you soon!"

Adam, London

"Hey! I'm Adam, I come from London.  I was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last year but I'm now back home. It's quite similar to London, apart from the food, the beaches, the music, the weather and the culture!

I'm passionate about football and listening to music. I'm also addicted to biscuits.

Teaching English with CiE is great fun because I love to travel, to experience new places and to meet new people- so I'll look forward to chatting to you! I studied History at university but we can talk about any topics you like. :-)"

Monique, Sydney

"Hi! I'm Monique. I grew up in sunny Sydney, spent much of the last decade travelling the world and now I'm happilly settled back home again.

I've been teaching English since finishing my studies at Macquarie University in 2003, and have worked in Asia, Oceania and Europe.

I'm a keen skier and hiker. I love tennis, cooking and being a Mum!

I'm really excited by the dynamic teaching atmosphere created by CiE and hope to connect with you soon online!"

Ash, Swansea

"Hi! I'm Ash. I am an English Teacher from South Wales. I am currently living in the UK and have recently completed an MA in Development and Human Rights.

I have taught English for the past five years in a variety of countries including Spain and Poland.

I enjoy meeting students from different cultures and love the way CiE allows me to interact with students anywhere in the world! I look forward to chatting with you soon!"

Sabrina, Groningen

"Hello there! I’m Sabrina! I am from the Netherlands, but I'm currently living in Italy.

I am quite fond of running and snowboarding but I absolutely love travelling, meeting new people and exploring other cultures. I have to say that of all countries I've visited New Zealand is my fave. South America is still on my bucket list.

I have taught English since 2007 when I was still a student in my hometown at the University of Groningen (NL). I finished my MA in English language and literature (with teaching qualification) in 2009 and after that I lived and worked in several countries: the Netherlands, Belgium (Bruges & Antwerp), England (Liverpool & London) and Italy (Turin & Bassano del Grappa).

CiE makes it possible for all of us to meet new people and different cultures online, which is why I think this job is so much fun! I look forward to chatting to you about the things you like, so that I can get to know more about you and your culture too. "

Ana, America/Mexico

"Hello!! My name is Ana. I was born in Mexico City and moved to Chicago in my early years, where I studied and eventually got a degree in Psychology. I love travelling and meeting people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and living in Chicago was an amazing opportunity to do so!!

In 2006, I decided to expand my studies in Psychology and experience a completely different culture, so I moved to sunny Barcelona. As soon as I arrived, I also developed an interest in English teaching so I got my teacher qualification degree. Now I live in Madrid, closer to my family that has been living here for many years, and I continue to teach English here through CiE.

This system has allowed me to continue traveling, while meeting so many interesting, busy students from all over the world, as CiE has such a flexible, comfortable teaching methodology.

Hope I can get to meet you and chat soon, as you expand your listening and speaking skills with us! "

Mark, Brighton

"Hi, I'm Mark. I'm from the sunny seaside town of Brighton in England. I currently live in Taipei as an English Language Teacher for a year to have my crazy year in Asia and to do some travelling on the side :)

I'm a history graduate - everyone loves history, right? ;) I'm also a BIG foodie and do a lot of exercise from the rough tough ice hockey to gentlemanly cricket and everything I can in between. My quest to learn more about the cultures in it has taken me to live in a host of countries including Spain, Portugal and Russia - I look forward to learning about yours!

I love talking to new people about anything and everything, so hope to chat to you soon about anything you want! :-) "

Liz, Sydney

"Hi, I'm Liz from Australia!

I left home to travel the world. It's been seven years so far and I've seen some amazing places! Right now I live in Barcelona, but I've also lived in Berlin, Vienna and San Francisco. Each place has been special and I've discovered new and different ways of living and seeing the world from my time there.

I've been an English teacher for six years, working mostly with German and Spanish speakers. I've worked for various well-known academies and have taught all sorts of students, from Business Executives to Personal Trainers.

I get super excited about cycling, running and eating good food. I'm also interested in art and cinema.

I look forward to sharing many enjoyable conversations and hope to help you improve your English. Let's chat soon! "

Derek, Boulder

"Hey! I'm Derek from the U.S. More specifically I'm from Boulder, Colorado, but I've been living abroad and teaching English for the past few years, first in South America and now in Europe.

I love traveling, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and experiencing new things. That's why I love being part of CiE; it offers me the opportunity to meet and help people that I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to. As much as I would love to visit every country, it's just not possible.

I studied physics and astronomy at university, but I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and fields, so I enjoy conversing about almost anything. I look forward to talking with you soon!"

Rhoda, Belfast

"Hey there, my name is Rhoda and I come from the city where the Titanic was built, Belfast in Northern Ireland.

I'm an enthusiastic qualified English teacher and chocoholic. I am a keen jogger and have varied interests ranging from hiking in the Pyrenees to reading cheesy romantic novels!

I enjoy singing along with music, but unfortunately no one likes to listen! However I adore a lovely evening having a glass of red wine in a jazz bar with good humor and good company

I love getting to know new people, so I will be delighted to help improve your English!

"Laugh when you can. It's cheap medicine" - Lord Byron

Joe, Toronto

"Hello! It's me, Joe from Toronto, Canada! Of Indian descent, in my very early years I pursued the Canadian dream: have maple syrup all day and swim with beavers! Jokes aside, I finished my degree in Communications in 2014, but chose to pursue my passion for travelling and meeting new people instead of being stuck in a desk job. Teaching English has been the perfect for both of these needs. In the past few years, I've taught in Austria, Germany and Spain, and enjoyed every moment!

I love music too. Whether it is singing in the shower or jamming with pals, music is life! I also work as a music blogger, and write about local and international music festivals.

In Canada, you have to learn French as a second language in school! So, I can probably relate to the struggles of learning a new language. Fear not, perhaps some wine and quality conversation with me can help. I look forward to talking to you soon!"

Ruairi, Galway

"How's it going? My name is Ruairí and I'm from Galway, Ireland. It's a small coastal city on the west of Ireland where it rains a lot! For that reason I've been living in Barcelona working as an English teacher for the last four years.

I'm very passionate about music. I play three instruments and I often play gigs in various bars, either in a band or as a soloist. I also love practising different sports from football to squash to rock climbing.

I love being a teacher because it allows me to constantly meet new interesting people and learn about different cultures. I also have a keen interest in languages as I've learned French, Spanish and Irish in the past so I know that it can be quite difficult but also really fun to learn another language.

I hope to chat to you soon and help you improve your English while also learning interesting things about you."

Drew, Edinburgh

"Hey, I'm Drew! I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but now I live in Barcelona where the weather is much better. After studying politics, I qualified as an English teacher here and fell in love with the city and all the wonderful people I've met.

I'm passionate about the outdoors, art and history and having new experiences. There's nothing better than a mountain view with some good friends.

I love seeing people improve their English and enjoy themselves while speaking, so let's talk soon!"

Nico, Detroit

"Hello everyone! My name is Nico and I'm an English teacher from the United States. For the past four years I have been living in Barcelona, learning Spanish and teaching my native language to people all over the world.

Traveling is my top priority (after lesson planning, of course) because getting out of my comfort zone and chasing horizons is what brought me to where I am today. When I'm not busy globe-trotting, I love to learn about history, anthropology, psychology, and the natural sciences.

I look forward to meeting new students because it's always a surprise how much we can teacher each other."

Lena, Port Alfred

"Hello! I'm Lena. I am an English teacher from South Africa! I currently live in a small coastal town called Port Alfred. It has sunny blue skies and beautiful beaches!

I've been teaching English online since completing a Bachelor of Journalism, specializing in Communication Design. So, I studied a Journalism degree only to then find out I wanted to pursue a career in teaching English!

In my free time you will find me painting, creating designs or in the kitchen cooking for my friends and family.

I love interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, helping them learn and become more confident in their English. This is what makes teaching English such a fun and rewarding job!

I look forward to meeting you and having a chat soon!"

Jason, Edinburgh

"Hello, My name's Jason! I'm originally from Edinburgh, Scotland - the land of the Loch ness monster, tartan, kilts, haggis and bag pipes (not to mention some of the worlds most famous whiskies!). Right now, I'm currently based in Izmir, Turkey - where I have been teaching English for the last 3 years.

I hold a bachelors degree in Sport & exercise physiology and have a passion for a fit, healthy and active lifestyle.

I love teaching and chatting with people, and I am happy to converse with you about a vast range of topics.

Good luck to you all on your English learning journey. I look forward to meeting you!"

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