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We also provide a variety of offline services to meet your extra needs:

Offline Language Support / Proofreading
If you have a text that needs to be reviewed for grammar, vocabulary or register; proofread, given a professional touch or a specific feel and style, your can send it to us: CVs, cover letters, essays, extracts, dissertations, business letters, application letters, website texts, etc. Even if you only want to practise and develop your writing skills, we can review and mark it for you.

Offline Homework
If you would like practise other specific skills such as: intense listening, reading, writing or specific grammar points; our teachers can prepare homework tailored to your needs, mark it for you and provide you with comments and suggestions. You can request it: every now and then or schedule it weekly too!

Translation Work
We also provide translation services for English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. As part of our network we have access to a group of associate professional translators for text or audio/video translation.

Audio & Video Transcribing
You can send us an audio or video clip and we can produce a script (text) for you. This service is offered in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian

Video Subtitling
As a complement to Video Transcribing and Translation Work we are also able to add subtitles to video clips using the original language transcribed or the translated script.


As part of Offline Services, every student is provided with an online secure archive in our servers to store the documents you send us and for your easy password-protected access. All and any material you provide is treated with utmost confidentiality.


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