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María Antonia Navascués

“ I was tired of boring and traditional English classes, always starting at the same level.

I looked up conversation lessons on internet and I found Bruno’s team Conversing in English. I was very happy right from the beginning. I no longer had to leave home or work to improve my level of English. This saves me a lot of time, by only sitting in front of the computer.  The teachers are lovely and very helpful.

I congratulate CiE for its successful group and thank them for engaging conversation lessons.”

by María Antonia Navascués, University Professor,
Zaragoza, Spain.

Sara Paz

"Hi there guys,

I’m Sara and currently living in Barcelona. I started on-line conversation lessons to brush up on my English, and since then, it has greatly improved in fluency and pronunciation.

According to what I’ve experienced, CiE is a convenient and flexible way to take lessons from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

I enjoy the lessons as I’ve got the opportunity to meet new enthusiastic people from a variety of countries who have broad interests. They are good reliable professionals.

I recommend trying and meeting more than one teacher to get different styles and accents.

Come on, don't be shy! :) You will enjoy your lessons!!!"

by Sara Paz, Banking Manager
Barcelona, Spain

Jordi González

“In my life, the shadows of English have accompanied me all along. I used to avoid speaking or listening English because I could not understand anything until I decided to make a change. So I tried different methods and options with languages schools, private teachers, and found these too difficult to study and work at the same time. I realised that I needed something different to push me to improve.

I’ve been working in an international company since four years ago and every week I receive my English lesson pill with Conversing in English. These pills have helped me to improve and keep my English knowledge and fluency fit week by week all these years. They have pushed me in my language skills and aimed to achieve my targets at work and my personal life.

I thoroughly recommend CiE as a flexible and efficient way to keep your English healthy and improving.”

by Jordi Gonzalez, IT Application Engineer
Barcelona, Spain

Inma Gilaberte

" I discovered CiE through a friend of mine. I am going to change sunny Spain for a cloudy England in the near future and I needed to brush up on my English. Since I am a working mother with a tight schedule, the convenience to take online English lessons from home and choose the best timetable according to my free time was a key aspect to start with CiE.

But afterwards, I realized that most importantly was the teachers´ human quality as well as their empathy towards helping you improve in anything that you need regarding your communication in English such as: job interviews, emails, presentation, meetings, applications, formal letters etc. which is great, since you can create your lesson in a way which is most useful to you."

by Inma Gilaberte, Psychiatrist 
Madrid, Spain

Javier Ascaso

"Because of my job, I need to travel all over the world to participate as a speaker in numerous meetings.

Due to its flexible timetables, CiE allows me this possibility despite my busy life. English conversation with CiE is really relaxing and productive, being a very useful option to keep my English level and improving my fluency."

by Javier Ascaso, Ophthalmologist 
Zaragoza, Spain

Juan Carlos Lamata

"After studying English for many years, I have discovered that the Conversing in English method is the best way to keep my English level up and fluent, for this reason I highly recommend CiE as the best way to keep your English alive and healthy.

Apart from their professionalism and great methodology, the team is really nice, talkative and a bunch of easy going great teachers.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have an interesting conversation session. Give them a try! You won’t regret it!"

by Juan Carlos Lamata, IT Project Manager
Soria, Spain

Inge Acuña

"I usually don’t have much time due to my job and I needed to prepare and obtain a good score for the IELTS exam... So I thought about taking English lessons online. It was absolutely the most intelligent thing I´ve ever done.

CiE is a group of very very well trained teachers. Very professional teaching. They are also amazing people and can give you good advice to prepare and help you face an official certification exam.

The classes are always adapted to what you need. If you need to practise for a job interview in English, they will adapt the lesson for you. If you need to improve your writing skills they can help you with a specific material.

They also have a very efficient offline service. CiE helped me with my CV in English and with the translation of recommendation letters.

At the moment I continue with conversation lessons. A good way to not lose contact with English language and... why not? Have a good time with extraordinary people!

By the way, I got a 7 in the IELTS and my level four months before the exam was about 5... What can I say? This is effectiveness.

I love CiE. "

by Inge Acuña, Anaesthetist
Galicia, Spain

Víctor Costela

"Since I began to take English lessons on Skype with CiE, it never occurred to me that this way to learn English could be as effective as it is. Teachers at CiE are well trained professionals who provide useful English lessons.

ConversinginEnglish has allowed me have enough time to improve my English level as well as to prepare for certification exams in order to obtain an international qualification.

CiE is definitely an excellent way to improve your English when your time is limited and when you want to learn quickly and effectively."

by Victor Costela, Anthropologist 
Granada, Spain

Ilse Kühn



I hope I was be able to give you a short overview about CiE. Give them a shot. You’ll feel enthusiastic and I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun – I guarantee you."

by Ilse Kühn, Traismauer, Austria

"Hi Guys, I’m Ilse from Austria, near St. Pölten

CiE :
C – challenge, creative, cute, confident
i – improve, intelligent, innovative, important, inspiration
E – English, effort, enthusiasm, education, experience, extraordinary, expressions

All this and more is CiE for me. All the teachers are very professional, polite, patient, humorous, well-educated and much more...

Do you like expressions? I do. I enjoy learning new expressions for my vocabulary by watching video during the class. After the lesson you receive an e-mail with a summary. This support is really excellent. It’s like a storyboard when you replay the video as homework.

I’ll show you a small sample of the summary of my last class with Bruno. We watched the video in segments:

David Maldonado

"ConversingInEnglish... great! When I heard about this new way of learning I could've never imagined how useful can it be. And most importantly, how entertaining it is."

David Maldonado, Project Manager, Madrid

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