Conversing in English


Why take conversation lessons?

Learning a language is like exercising or going to the gym Once you stop working out you start to lose the results you have already achieved.

A language is something that you never stop learning, even if you are fluent, proficient or even your native language! This is why, conversation lessons are specifically designed to keep your fluency going and improving. Conversation lessons give you the opportunity to express your ideas, knowledge, opinions and doubts about day-to-day topics that perhaps you don't even get a chance to speak about in your native language, as well exposure to language in context in order to acquire it. As well as becoming aware of mistakes you don't even know you are making!

Languages were mainly meant to be spoken and speaking is one of the hardest skills to master. As it's commonly known: "practice makes perfect'.

Many times when you talk to native speakers (who aren't teachers) in social situations you find it awfully difficult to communicate since you are facing a challenge that you might not be ready for, with a person who is not able to communicate at your current level. Conversation lessons are tailored to your needs and to your level. You will be able to have a conversation at your level which will be scaled up progressively in an environment that will allow you to perform and gradually reach a real life situation level.

Conversation lessons with us give you personalised attention and access to a network of teachers worldwide with variety of :accents, backgrounds, education, cultures, etc.

Conversation lessons are your weekly "English workout" to keep it alive, strong, healthy and growing.

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